About Let’s Chat Consulting Services

Who are we?
Let’s Chat is focused on making the interaction with your customers and potential customers easy and effortless.

Established in September 2016 by industry veteran Stuart Ellis, we link your people, your processes and your technology to drive value from your sales and service teams.

We are passionate about linking Service and Sales team through technology to remove pain points for customers because research has shown:


  • Customers are more likely to do business with you in the future if you have strong customer service
  • Keeping an existing customer is much more cost effective than acquiring a new one
  • A well structured CRM will drive conversions and lead creation


What is our philosophy?

Let’s Chat strives to operate in a conversational way with our customers, starting where you are and providing expertise where it is needed most. We believe that customer service provides an enormous of untapped business value for many businesses and that sales are often running too many manual processes. So, by tapping into the rich amount of data the customer service team is collecting and by utilizing technology to its maximum potential, we believe business can build rapid and maintainable revenue streams.


At the highest level our philosophy is based on the following two main principles:

  • Making it easy for your customers to do business with you so they are happy if they need to contact you.
  • Making your customers loyal to you and your business through all phases of the customer lifecycle as this will drive organic revenue growth by maximizing Service Recovery tactics.


How do we create our strategies? 

We begin with a open conversation with you to review where you are, where you want to go and then we provide recommendations and solutions to get there. This conversation is based on our very own assessment guidelines and covers “if then” scenarios to provide you with options.

Our process follows a fairly straight forward method that has you as our client fully engaged:

  • We review the problem statement
  • We gather input from all the stakeholders
  • We design the solution and present it to you for review and sign off
  • We build the solution and demonstrate it to you for sign off
  • We train to the new solution so every one understands it
  • We then deploy it to live environment

At every step of the way you are engaged and we ensure you are comfortable with the solution before we proceed to the next stage. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.


We believe in the value of technology

By integrating Artificial Intelligence technology, more complex and detailed data, already resident in your organization, can be extracted. Real-time, company-inclusive, data-driven decisions equate to a competitive advantage.


We believe in the value of a data driven business

In doing so, crucial analytics become available via well-structured reports and dashboards. Pressure points, statistics, and actionable items are quickly identified, allowing decision-makers to take the right action – at the right time. Appropriately skilled people and enabling technology act on those directives.


We believe in making your staff ambassadors of your systems and not just users

By assessing your staff, then delivering effective instruction on SalesForce CRM and service expertise, they become customer attractors and ambassadors. As data is input into your easy-to-use and well-organized platforms, you’re creating a powerful marketing information system. Effective utilization increases sales and close rates while customer issues are immediately addressed then minimized.



Meet the team


Stuart Ellis has demonstrated leadership qualities and a visionary attitude throughout his business career.

His successive achievements are based on an intense desire to: 1) Be the best at whatever challenge is before him, and 2) To deliver the best of what he’s capable of, to those who trust him. 

An inquiring mind and ability to integrate newfound knowledge help Stuart problem solve, generate new ideas-approaches, and gain fresh insights.

He’s excelled in a variety of inter-related operational and customer service roles for over a decade. Beyond his recognition of how crucial customer service is for organizational success, he has sought ever-better results by combining people, technology, and processes.

His Values are Yours

His manner is reasoned and straightforward. He provides options for any decision – and likely knows the results, reasons why, implications, and how it will affect your business – and your customer. Stuart wants a client, not a sale. Trust, honesty, and integrity are core values.

The Let’s Chat Consulting Service’s circular logo represents ongoing conversations with clients that lead to new solutions. Stuart offers insights, best practices and meets you where you are with your situation. 

Progressive Success

Having earned both the Salesforce Certified Administrator accreditation and the Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant accreditation, Stuart can implement and productively engineer entire platforms: create business processes, design screens, managerial-executive dashboards, develop reports, test and train staff. 

Throughout his tenure in client services, Stuart has worked to master the building blocks of an effective customer call: positioning questions, call flow-command, pacing, the tone of voice, and anticipating next issues. His overall objective is to instill confidence in the customer that they’re dealing with the right person – and company.

These and other nuances, combined with vendor relationship savvy, enabled him to achieve a 98% customer satisfaction (CSAT) score at (Roger/Shaw-owned) Shomi TV Network. This result was confirmed, after the scoring methodology was altered, indicating the strong foundational skill sets of his staff.   

Having successfully trained teams of client service agents at several prominent firms, Stuart developed customizable instructional courseware for your in-house training requirements.

Previous employers include Questrade Financial, B2B Bank (a division of Laurentien Bank), Atradius Credit Insurance, and ANZ*ETRADE. He has a Bachelor degree in Economics and has completed studies at the Canadian Securities Institute.

With extensive experience in corporate call centers, SaaS firms, and CRM software, Sean understands how to address customer needs. It’s important to him that the customer not only understands the issue but the resolution process as well.His is a customer-first philosophy, from the ground up. Every interaction is important, regardless of the form it takes or length of the call or conversation. His quest on a day-to-day basis is to exceed customer expectations by anticipating their questions and concerns.Sean’s repertoire of skills includes customer service, communications, strategy, software and employee training, technical support, and software implementation. He applies his 20 years of experience to the development of integrated tech-support strategies to improve Customer Experience.

He’s built several customer service software platforms, including setting up a ticketing software system used to manage resolution workflows.

Sean’s dynamic leadership, training, and motivational abilities enable him to assess candidates then build and staff a successful service team. As Head of Support Services for SchoolMessenger.com, he’s combined 3 different teams from acquired companies into a single one; trained them on several software products; then coordinated their efforts from a single hotline.

Prior to that, he set up their chat system and worked with vendors to integrate it with their then-legacy CRM system.

Sean’s customer service experience and support expertise are reflected by his stellar career background. He’s worked for: FreshDesk (a customer support platform); ZenDesk CRM; Salesforce.com; Oracle’s NetSuite (CRM, ERP, and E-Commerce); Google’s G-Suite; and Microsoft Office365. In addition, he is experienced at implementing each of them.