A professional Salesforce Certified and experienced educator brings your staff up to an equal level of excellence. In operation and knowledge, your company will become more efficient. 

Ideal for companies who:

• Are opening a new office, branch, or factory

• Had Salesforce set up by a consultant but aren’t getting enough reporting or analytics

• Have several new or untrained employees

After a needs analysis and review of your Sales or Customer Service platform, a customized training course. If yours is a small business, we can conduct the lessons or you may do that yourself using our training materials

Sample Topics:

• Addressing frequently asked questions

• Quickly navigating and using your Sales or Customer Service platform

• Term definitions: fields, cases, chatter, check boxes, etc.

• Creating executive and manager dashboards for key data

• Overview of important reports and impactful charts such as:

Sales: Closed and Won Opportunities, Pipeline by Sales Rep and/or agent, Sales rep wins, Opportunity stage, Opportunity conversion ratio, Closed and Won Opportunities Sales by month-year for each Sales rep/agent

Customer Service Reports: Average hold time (AHT), Open cases by agent, First response time (to a customer inquiry), Team Service activities, Customer submissions (of problems) by time period