Thank you for requesting an assessment of your current operations. By completing this form you are taking the first step turning your current customer service operation into the superstar department of your company.

What to expect next? Well we will get in contact with you and arrange a 30 – 60 minute phone discussion where we will talk about your operations. Some examples of what we will discuss are:

  1. Industry best practices on Service Level Agreements for front line staff
  2. Current trends for your industry as it relates to customer service technology
  3. What technology you are currently using for your Sales and Service teams
  4. What are the best Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track
  5. What are the best Customer Service Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track
  6. Who are some solutions providers for Learning Management Systems, Call Centre Providers etc

This discussion if free of charge and comes with no obligation to purchase any solutions from us whatsoever. If you feel at the end of the conversation that you have what you need, then thats perfect. If however you feel that there is something we can provide then we can arrange some further discussions at that time.

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